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Lounge for the Nanoers - all year round!

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Miss the atmosphere of the NaNoWriMo forums and communities? Is it not quite October or November yet? This is the community for those people who still want the happy and frustrated NaNoWriMo atmosphere (which will, hopefully, come as we get new members.).

Talk about and share your muses, writings, daily wordcounts and the writing challenges you're participating in! Or just put forward a plot or character you want to be adopted into a good home. Complain about not making your deadline, the horrors of editing, or of being sick (therefore not in the mood to write). If it's related to writing, not-writing (in other words, if it's related to your procrastination of writing), nano, or writing challenges, don't be afraid!


1. Keep this community nice and friendly - please, DON'T be hostile to ANYONE. That includes flames. If you don't have anything nice to say about someone's story or piece, shut up.
2. If you put a piece up, state whether you want it to be critiqued or not. If you don't, we'll presume you want it to.
3. When critiquing, put the things you do like about the story there as well so the author knows what not to change. Be nice. People are more likely to listen to you and change what you want them to if you're nice about it.
4. If you put up a story, please put a rating, a warning (whether it contains abuse, rape, death, neglect, kidnapping, swearing, etc), a genre and a wordcount. Put it behind a cut. We don't want clogged up friends pages, now, do we? :)
5. If someone doesn't like your story, it doesn't mean they don't like you. However we don't like plain nasty comments. If you don't like what someone says, consider that if maybe, you changed that bit that they didn't like, then it could be much better.
6. Remember that if someone was doing a writing challenge, chances were the excerpt(s) were written in a hurry to get to that word count. If that's the case with yours, tell us in the body of the post before the LJ cut, so we don't all go, "WTF were you ON, dude?!? This, this, this, AND this need to be improved because _____".
7. No incest or beastiality, PLEASE.